Sam Ireland

About Me

I am a PhD student at UCL, in Andrew Martin's group - currently working on research into metal binding in proteins, particularly zinc, with the ultimate aim of addressing health problems caused by pathological antibody aggregation in the presence of zinc.

Before that I did rotations in three labs throughout UCL and Birkbeck, before that I was a developer in Prof. Jamie Davies's group in Edinburgh, and before that I did my undergraduate degree at Edinburgh University, in Biotechnology. While in Edinburgh I was involved in various synthetic biology projects, such as the university's 2014 iGEM team, and creating the synPHARM database.

Programming is a big hobby of mine, and I always like to have several coding projects running at any one time. I've been programming in Python for eight years now, and am a big proponent of both it and practices like Test Driven Development.

I like to have a few non-tech side projects running too - I'm currently trying to learn the piano (with very varying degrees of success), and a few other odds and ends. I've lived in London for two years, lived in Edinburgh for five years, and am originally from Blackpool.

This Website

I started this website in 2014, because I thought it would help me learn how to build websites. It started as a static website that I would manually FTP files to, then moved to a PHP system in 2015, and then to its current Python/Django iteration in 2016 (source code here). If you see any problems, feel free to let me know!