Sam Ireland

Hello - I'm Sam. I'm a PhD student in London, and this is my website. I'm interested in bioscience, open source programming, and various other pursuits. Look around and see some of my projects.

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April 1, 2019

18 Months

Given that my PhD project started in October 2017, and given that it will (presumably) end in September 2020, the weekend just gone marks the exact halfway point of the project - 18 months in, 18 months to go.

This doesn’t feel as intimidating as I might have expected, or ...

Latest Writing

How to Learn Complicated Things

7 May, 2019

Being able to learn complicated, difficult things is one of the most important skills you can have - but the obvious way to do it isn't the best way.

Latest Publication

ZincBind - The Database of Zinc Binding Sites

5 February, 2019

Sam M. Ireland, Andrew C. R. Martin