Sam Ireland


Welcome to my website.

I am a PhD student and software developer at University College London, working in Structural, Chemical, and Computational Biology. I spend a lot of time working on open source Python projects, web development, and generally trying to fill my GitHub profile with lots of little green squares.

Have a look around to see some of my work.

Latest News

New Lab

I have now officially started my PhD. As of last week, and for the next three years, I will be working on software for the cataloging, detecting, predicting and analysing of zinc binding sites.

Three years is the longest I will ever have spent on a single project, and the brain has a habit of equating 'three years' with 'basically an infinite amount of time' - meaning that there's always an urge to relax, or to wildly overestimate how many things you can get done in that time. This has a tendency to go away once you focus on merely the first thing you have to do.

Fortunately, I've found myself a splendid project which I am genuinely excited about, and which lets me write a lot of software, so I'm currently really looking forward to the next three years. I only hope that that remains the case!