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Welcome to my home on the internet.

I'm Sam, a PhD student living in London, and this is my personal website. It contains my blog, and anything interesting I might make or do.

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So I've been in London for almost two weeks now. I've moved in (I now live in Walthamstow), unpacked, got everything set up, and am generally feeling less like a tourist.

I found I missed Edinburgh more that I thought I would in the first few days, but I was surprised how quickly that went away. I expect I will go and visit at some point at the end of this year.

Tomorrow I officially enrol at UCL - I'll get yet another student card (so I can start having free McFlurries again). All moving very quickly, but there's lots to look forward to.

There's also the small matter of my age incrementing by another year next week, which I am not in favour of but have been reliably informed that there is no getting out of it. I will have to be 26.

My four years of being a PhD student begin tomorrow.